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Inducted in the SAM Magic Hall of Fame in 1998

Won the AMA Performing Fellowship in Stage Magic in 2009


The Beauty of Magic

Artist Lew Dick painted this in 1962 based on a 1951 publicity picture of Celeste. A poster of this print comes with the hard cover edition of the book "Has This Ever Happened To You?".


Publicity photo from 1951

Publicity photo with a dove

This photo was taken in the 50's. The exact year is unknown.


Publicity photo from 1955

1957 S.A.M. Annual New York Show in Pictures

This is a page taken from a SAM article (April 1957) showing the SAM Annual New York Salute to Magic Show held on Feb 13th, 1957. Celeste is in the top left picture.


Publicity photo from 1959


Publicity photo from 1962

Late 60's

Publicity photo from the late 60's.

Late 70's or early 80's

Publicity photo from the late 1970's or the early 1980's.

Publicity flyer

Publicity flyer with some locations Celeste worked at. Date unknown.

Flyer from the late 60's

Publicity photo from the late 1960's.

Table Magic

Close-up table magic. Date unknown

Celeste with Dove

Publicity photo from the 1980's.


This publicity photo is estimated to be from the 1960's.

M-U-M February 1976

Celeste on the cover of the MUM for February 1976

Wedding Picture

Harry and Celeste's wedding picture with a special note from Harry Breyn.

Celeste in Spain

This was a publicity photo taken while Celeste was performing in Spain. The date is not known.

Celeste the Bride

Celeste's bridal picture

Celeste the Bride

Celeste's bridal picture

Celeste and Liberace

Celeste described Liberace as a perfect gentleman. She had other words about his brother George...

TOP's Cover Aug 1964

Celeste was featured in the August 1964 issue of TOP's. The entire article can be found on the Media page in this website.


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